Forgiveness will set you free

Forgiveness will set you free

It is a phrase that we hear a lot, and that is because it is very much true! There is so much power in forgiveness, on all levels. Forgiveness is one of the kindest gifts that you can give yourself, and one of the most empowering things you can do.

Here is a crystal grid I laid out today to cultivate forgiveness, peace , and love and to bring in the elements of air, water, fire and earth for balance and support.

Forgiveness is not always easy, but it is always worth the effort and the time. Forgiveness is an art-form. It is a blank canvas on which to paint new life, and new beginnings. If you can master the art of forgiveness, you will indeed set yourself free.

Holding on to grudges is one of the most painful things we can do. Grudges cultivate bitterness, and resentment, and cause us to live in cycles based on past events. Grudges are remembered pains, hurts, and perceived wrongs, which only serve to place limitations and judgements on ourselves, and our future life experiences.

How much potential are we missing out on by clinging to these hurts so tightly that we can’t imagine life without them?

Begin your journey of forgiveness today, by tuning in your own heart. The seat of the higher-self, the truth of who you are, your own truth. The heart is the accumulation of all the wisdom and experiences we have ever had, and ever will have, all your answers lie here, in this sacred place of love, which is you. You are love, and from love, comes compassion, and therein lies your key to forgiveness.

Tune in to your heart today. Where do you need to practise forgiveness? For yourself? For another? Choose one thing, and ask your heart, how can I view this situation from the eyes of love, and compassion? Break through the walls of bitterness, and look through the eyes of love. Stand at the control panel of your own inner world, and observe.

Perhaps the hurts are so fresh, or so many that forgiveness is not yet possible without time to give distance from the hurts. Be kind and be patient with yourself, this is a journey to be undertaken at your own pace. Set the intention that one day forgiveness will be possible, and you have already changed your frequency, and put those wheels in motion. Love yourself enough to try, and try a little more each day.

Forgive a little more each day, break the chains which anchor you to the past, a little stronger each day, a little more each time until you are free.