My Reiki Story

Rise like a tree to the sky, rooting deep, soaring high

Whenever I teach Reiki, I end up reflecting on how Reiki found me. I truly believe Reiki finds us, and not the other way around no matter what we may tell ourselves!

It was around 2008 when I first took my Reiki 1. Steve Yates was my Reiki master, and I learned at Zen in Moseley, Birmingham.

I’m not sure if they are still there now, but I know they have a shop in Digbeth and still do amazing events and psychic fayres for anyone who might be local. I used to go to the shop all the time! They had one in central near the canal when I lived in Birmingham. I used to go to their workshops and meditation evenings, and I loved it.

It is actually a life goal of mine to teach a workshop there in the future to give something back to the business and community which gave me so much foundational and important knowledge to bring me to where I am now. I feel like my work will really have brought me to a beautiful complete circle when this happens. I’m sure much has changed since I last visited, but I’m equally sure that they are still doing wonderful work.

Steve was a wonderful teacher. I was struck by how down to earth he was, and it was a beautiful experience in every way. I decided straight away that I wanted to teach Reiki and be a Reiki master.


10 years later, and I have realised that goal. It was only a few years ago that I took my Reiki master teacher level with my lovely teacher Anthea Durand, who has been an amazing support on my path.

There were many challenges and set-backs through the whole 10 year path. I have done so much deep soul searching, and still am in many ways. This is a continual journey of discovery, and peeling back more and more layers. Reiki is still one of my best allies on this path.

Each time I attune a new student, my Reiki story glows with fresh radiance and inspiration in my mind. It is truly a sacred and beautiful experience to share this energy with others, so that they can go on to shape their own stories.

Today I am filled with gratitude and love. Gratitude for all my teachers and guides on my Reiki path. Gratitude for my students, who have all be an absolute joy to work with. I give thanks for the Reiki energy, and my own Reiki master lineage for bringing this opportunity to us in this time frame. I give thanks for the challenges which have broken me down, shaped and reformed me to who I am in truth.

Wherever you are in your story, know that your toughest and most painful challenges will one day be your greatest attributes, for it is in those moments that we find who we really are. In finding who we really are, and in overcoming these challenges, we rise. We climb this ladder of life, one rung at a time, each time holding our hands out for the ones behind us, in support, empathy and love.

This is your life, and you can do anything you choose with it.

Sending you love and blessings.