Blood Moon Healing Circle

Blood Moon Healing Circle

Join us in circle before the magic of the blood moon.

When the moon turns red, and the Earth and sun align the energy becomes potent for communing with the Ancestors and healing our bloodlines. Lunar eclipse to be a time of heightened intuition and awareness. Blood moon is primarily rebirth, but this rebirth will be as a phoenix from the ashes of fiery Leo energy.

A Lunar eclipse happens when the moon is full. As the full moon shines a light on all that which is hidden, this red light of the lunar eclipse gives an added air of mystery, and depth to the revelations it reveals within us.

This lunar eclipse falls when the Moon is in fiery Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, lending the energy of creativity, boldness, protection and raw human honesty. It challenges us to above all be honest and true with ourselves about the workings of our inner world, and what is truly within our hearts. To compliment this bold Leo energy is the Sun in Aquarius giving fuel to this fire of creation, and encouraging expansion. This is going to be a time when we are encouraged to not only dream big, but to live bigger. Aquarius is the visionary. This is particularly powerful as we are just at the beginning of the age of Aquarius itself. Aquarius is the galaxy, it is all about expansion, radical change and action. This is a time to get radically honest with yourself and walk your talk.

Aquarius is community, encouraging us to connect, to understand to find compassion and love for each other as we move into unity. This is a year of working together, of finding what is true for you, but also seeing the beauty of what is true for others as we support and embrace each other with radical rebellious acts of love.

Aquarius sun coupled with the Leo moon encourages us to expand into new territories, to break down our self-imposed limits and live beyond illusion. Airy Aquarius adds fuels to the fires of the Leo moon, meaning it could also be a slightly tumultuous time for personal relationships, and emotional energies. Anything which is blocking us from our potential will be felt in an explosive way, but there is simultaneously the potential for blasting through these limits very quickly and for lightening quick revelations.

This is going to be a fiery, explosive and powerful start to the year!

Start your journey here in circle and be supported together as we journey into our inner worlds. We will use a variety of guided meditation techniques t connect with the inner world and the messages in has for us. I will bring in supportive and transformative energy with my drum and voice to support you in your process, and help you connect with your guides and yourself on a deeper level.

Come all you seekers of light and workers of the light. Come with open hearts and open minds, and let’s explore what this magical moon time has to teach us.

Sunday, 20 January


at Kentish Town Studio
141–145 Kentish Town Rd
London, NW1 8PB

Ticket15.00 GBPSingle ticket admits one person.
Booking confrimation will be emailed to you.