Come and join the circle, and be supported while we journey deep into the inner world to let go of all that which does not serve us. This is suitable for all levels of experience, please join and be welcome as we sit in circle to honour ourselves, each other, and those gone before us.

The moon will have just moved from Gemini into watery Cancer for this day, challenging us emotionally and asking us how we are caring for ourself and those around us. AS we move from the expansion of airy playful Gemini, into the watery depths of Cancer, we are faced with those deeper blocks in our paths. This moon in Cancer asks what emotional blocks are in our paths preventing us from living bigger and challenging ourselves to “be” more in the world.

Some of the deepest and most profound healing we can receive is through working with our ancestral lines. Throughout this life, and our past lives, we are deeply affected by the stories of those gone before us. The echoes of those past generations can be felt all through to our present, and we are challenged to examine who we are, and where we came from.

We will honour and work with our ancestral lines in order to release inherited unhelpful patterns, cycles and the echoes of the past. When we work with our Ancestors, we heal not only for ourselves, but past and future generations. This is powerful work for your Ancestral lines, and for the collective consciousness, as we release and heal from these past hurts, become more grounded in who we are in truth. As we heal, so the Earth heals with us.

You are invited to partake in guided meditations with your Mother’s and Father’s Ancestral lines in order to find unhelpful patterns, behaviours, or emotional imprints playing out in your own lives related to your Ancestral lines.

I will channel energy to support you in this process with my drum and voice. You will partake in a sound journey with the support of your spirit allies, and ancestors in order to heal and release unhelpful ancestral patterns. Freeing yourself and sending this light down and through the ancestral lines. This is a powerful transformative process.

Join our heart-centred circle, and be supported while you let go, explore, and reflect. Feel, dance and sing the song of your soul with your Ancestors.

Sunday, 25 November

6.30pm – 9pm

at Kentish Town Studio
141–145 Kentish Town Rd
London, NW1 8PB

Ticket15.00 GBPSingle ticket admits one person.
Booking confrimation will be emailed to you.