Blood Moon Healing Circle

Blood Moon Healing Circle

Join us in circle before the magic of the blood moon.

When the moon turns red, and the Earth and sun align the energy becomes potent for communing with the Ancestors and healing our bloodlines. Lunar eclipse to be a time of heightened intuition and awareness. Blood moon is primarily rebirth, but this rebirth will be as a phoenix from the ashes of fiery Leo energy.

A Lunar eclipse happens when the moon is full. As the full moon shines a light on all that which is hidden, this red light of the lunar eclipse gives an added air of mystery, and depth to the revelations it reveals within us.

This lunar eclipse falls when the Moon is in fiery Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, lending the energy of creativity, boldness, protection and raw human honesty. It challenges us to above all be honest and true with ourselves about the workings of our inner world, and what is truly within our hearts. To compliment this bold Leo energy is the Sun in Aquarius giving fuel to this fire of creation, and encouraging expansion. This is going to be a time when we are encouraged to not only dream big, but to live bigger. Aquarius is the visionary. This is particularly powerful as we are just at the beginning of the age of Aquarius itself. Aquarius is the galaxy, it is all about expansion, radical change and action. This is a time to get radically honest with yourself and walk your talk.

Aquarius is community, encouraging us to connect, to understand to find compassion and love for each other as we move into unity. This is a year of working together, of finding what is true for you, but also seeing the beauty of what is true for others as we support and embrace each other with radical rebellious acts of love.

Aquarius sun coupled with the Leo moon encourages us to expand into new territories, to break down our self-imposed limits and live beyond illusion. Airy Aquarius adds fuels to the fires of the Leo moon, meaning it could also be a slightly tumultuous time for personal relationships, and emotional energies. Anything which is blocking us from our potential will be felt in an explosive way, but there is simultaneously the potential for blasting through these limits very quickly and for lightening quick revelations.

This is going to be a fiery, explosive and powerful start to the year!

Start your journey here in circle and be supported together as we journey into our inner worlds. We will use a variety of guided meditation techniques t connect with the inner world and the messages in has for us. I will bring in supportive and transformative energy with my drum and voice to support you in your process, and help you connect with your guides and yourself on a deeper level.

Come all you seekers of light and workers of the light. Come with open hearts and open minds, and let’s explore what this magical moon time has to teach us.

Sunday, 20 January


at Kentish Town Studio
141–145 Kentish Town Rd
London, NW1 8PB

Ticket15.00 GBPSingle ticket admits one person.
Booking confrimation will be emailed to you.

My Reiki Story

Rise like a tree to the sky, rooting deep, soaring high

Whenever I teach Reiki, I end up reflecting on how Reiki found me. I truly believe Reiki finds us, and not the other way around no matter what we may tell ourselves!

It was around 2008 when I first took my Reiki 1. Steve Yates was my Reiki master, and I learned at Zen in Moseley, Birmingham.

I’m not sure if they are still there now, but I know they have a shop in Digbeth and still do amazing events and psychic fayres for anyone who might be local. I used to go to the shop all the time! They had one in central near the canal when I lived in Birmingham. I used to go to their workshops and meditation evenings, and I loved it.

It is actually a life goal of mine to teach a workshop there in the future to give something back to the business and community which gave me so much foundational and important knowledge to bring me to where I am now. I feel like my work will really have brought me to a beautiful complete circle when this happens. I’m sure much has changed since I last visited, but I’m equally sure that they are still doing wonderful work.

Steve was a wonderful teacher. I was struck by how down to earth he was, and it was a beautiful experience in every way. I decided straight away that I wanted to teach Reiki and be a Reiki master.


10 years later, and I have realised that goal. It was only a few years ago that I took my Reiki master teacher level with my lovely teacher Anthea Durand, who has been an amazing support on my path.

There were many challenges and set-backs through the whole 10 year path. I have done so much deep soul searching, and still am in many ways. This is a continual journey of discovery, and peeling back more and more layers. Reiki is still one of my best allies on this path.

Each time I attune a new student, my Reiki story glows with fresh radiance and inspiration in my mind. It is truly a sacred and beautiful experience to share this energy with others, so that they can go on to shape their own stories.

Today I am filled with gratitude and love. Gratitude for all my teachers and guides on my Reiki path. Gratitude for my students, who have all be an absolute joy to work with. I give thanks for the Reiki energy, and my own Reiki master lineage for bringing this opportunity to us in this time frame. I give thanks for the challenges which have broken me down, shaped and reformed me to who I am in truth.

Wherever you are in your story, know that your toughest and most painful challenges will one day be your greatest attributes, for it is in those moments that we find who we really are. In finding who we really are, and in overcoming these challenges, we rise. We climb this ladder of life, one rung at a time, each time holding our hands out for the ones behind us, in support, empathy and love.

This is your life, and you can do anything you choose with it.

Sending you love and blessings.

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Forgiveness will set you free

Forgiveness will set you free

It is a phrase that we hear a lot, and that is because it is very much true! There is so much power in forgiveness, on all levels. Forgiveness is one of the kindest gifts that you can give yourself, and one of the most empowering things you can do.

Here is a crystal grid I laid out today to cultivate forgiveness, peace , and love and to bring in the elements of air, water, fire and earth for balance and support.

Forgiveness is not always easy, but it is always worth the effort and the time. Forgiveness is an art-form. It is a blank canvas on which to paint new life, and new beginnings. If you can master the art of forgiveness, you will indeed set yourself free.
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Every wound is a window. The way out is through.

Every wound is a window. The way out is through.

This is a message I channelled from my spirit guide recently. It has really stuck with me, and I keep going back to it. I have been taking lots of time for self exploration this year.

Shadow work, or inner work is one of the most powerful things you can do. To journey into your inner world, facing the wounds, facing the truth of who you are and what makes you, “you,” in that instant. To challenge the judgements there, the beliefs, the values. To forgive, to understand, and to really let go. To discover a flexibility of mind and emotion. To create an inner flow, which radiates out into your external reality. This is real transformation, this is expansion.

To hold each painful part of yourself with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and compassion. To embrace the shadow just as much as the light, and incorporate this and integrate it. To treat the shadow as something which completes you instead of separates and disconnects you. This is the foundation of true freedom, inner and outer.

The journey home is not to the stars but to the centre of you. The essence of all that you are in truth.
No fears, no masks, just you, laid bare to the world. Imperfect and beautiful in your power.

Everything is blown by the same wind

Everything is blown by the same wind

Here’s me in Glastonbury being blown about by some pretty intense winds! Lol.

This phrase is a beautiful piece of wisdom given to me by one of my spirit guides. This was given to me in a dream. I do a lot of work and have a lot of adventures in the dreamlands! Many of my most profound discoveries have come to me through my dreams.

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An ode to reflection, stillness and inner movement

Life is about the actions and choices that you take. A big part of this process involves reflection, stillness and inner movement in order to direct the action and choices you will make.

Inner movement leads to outer movement, but the inner process is just as important as the physical world action. Challenging physical world activities require us to re-assess exactly who we are.

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Full Moon Healing Ceremony

Full Moon Healing Circle

Come and celebrate the magic of the Worm Moon. The worm moon is the time of the year as the ground begins to thaw from winter, and those first optimistic seeds of spring are stirring.

The Worm Moon is a time for new beginnings, for sewing the seeds of our desires. It is also a time for exploring the ground in which we plant those seeds, and ensuring it is rich and fertile. As we set intentions and goals, we simultaneously ask what it is we need to release in order to create this and bring it into fruition.

This event is suitable for everybody, and all are welcome. No matter if you are a beginner, or have been on your path for a while, we are all spiritual explorers together.

This is an opportunity to sit in circle, in unity and in support of each other and our own healing processes. Full moon is a powerful time for letting go of all that which does not serve us. The more we let go, the higher we can fly, and the lighter our hearts and souls become.

We will begin by setting individual healing intentions for the night. We will then connect to the energy of the moon to explore our inner world, and to support us in letting go of any outdated thought-patterns, heavy emotions or habits which are not helpful to us in moving forward to where we want to be.

I will use my drum to call in healing energies for the group to help us to move forward in our chosen paths. We will share healing energy with the Earth, as I guide you through a visualisation to reconnect your heart with the heart of Mother Earth, and send out much needed energy into the collective consciousness.

Come with an open heart, and a curious mind. Workers of light, weavers of love and harmony.

Friday, 2 March

7pm for 7.30pm start

at Kentish Town Studio
141–145 Kentish Town Rd
London, NW1 8PB

Advance Ticket130.00 GBPSingle ticket admits one person.
Booking confrimation will be emailed to you.

How to connect with your personal Dragon guide

Beautiful dragon image by Jocarra from Deviant Art

Dragons….. that’s just folk tales and myths right?

Maybe so, but where do those myths come from? How do they start?

I would invite you to open your minds and your hearts, and to journey now into your own subconscious. Your inner world. A place of creativity, of endless and limitless possibility. The depths of your soul, where your heart whispers gently to you in your own internal language. In this world, can the myth become the reality? Or was it always your true reality just waiting to be discovered?

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Samhain reflections: Be more tree?

Samhain blessings to you!


In Celtic tradition, Samhain marked the New Year.

The equinox were thought to be particularly powerful times. The transition beween the seasons, and the time when the veil was thinnest. Perhaps a parallell to the transition between life and death itself.

Spirit communication, divination, and prophecy could be practised at this time, as connection to the underworld become stronger. This was a time for honouring the ancestors, and our departed loved ones. It was thought that our words and prayers for them would be heard more clearly at this time.

Around Samhain, in those long ago days, the harvest would have already been brought in. This made it a time to take stock of all you had, and with a bit of luck and resourcefulness, you would be celebrating your many blessings.

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The shadow side: Cast Brighter Shadows!

The past few months have had me thinking quite reflectively about what we largely call the shadow side. Some people can be quite afraid of this part of themselves, and we can become very adept at ignoring it!

As you can tell from my business name, I am a big fan of shadow work. If we can truly and courageously face every part of ourselves with compassion, and love, we can expand that out to encompass all beings. Each time we dive deep, and understand, accept and integrate a deep part of ourselves, we expand, grow lighter. When we reunite with those parts we have pushed away and rejected, we become more whole as a being, and more compassionate both internally and externally.

Love and compassion begins with yourself. Hold each part of you with kindness, with wonder, and choose to understand and appreciate yourself in every aspect.

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